About Fortner Gas


Fortner Gas Company is a third generation family business that was founded in Princeton, Kentucky in 1951. The company was started by James A. “Buddy” Fortner with the purchase of a small propane operation located in the Otter Pond Community of Caldwell County. With the help of his brother and business partner Johnny “JW” Fortner and a post World War II work ethic the business began to grow beyond the bounds of Caldwell County. After some years of growth the business found itself employing a number of the brother’s family members making it a true “family business”.

Today, nearly 60 years later Fortner Gas Company is still a true family business serving a large part of Western Kentucky and parts of West Tennessee. The second generation of ownership is with Buddy’s children Brenda Pepper and Rollie Fortner. They continue to follow the same approach to customer service and sound business practices as their father to serve our customers and grow the business further. As with their father they too want to continue the family business tradition by allowing the third generation, their sons Chad Pepper and Shane Fortner to learn and continue the family business tradition.

Fortner Gas Company is a Full Service propane company. Full service is something that sets us apart from most other propane companies you could deal with. Our service does not stop at the tank it only begins there. We offer a worry free tank lease that allows us to maintain the tank while you are using it with no worries to you about the liability and expense of owning and maintaining a propane tank.

We have a service department that can not only run gas line from the tank to your house, which is where most propane companies stop, but we can also install gas lines inside your home as well. We sell, install, and service the propane appliances you use in your home. In our showrooms we display and sell and wide range of fireplaces, gas logs, cook stoves, heating equipment, gas grills, and outdoor heating equipment. We offer products to match most every budget, style and taste.

With Fortner Gas Company as your propane supplier you have much more than a delivery service, you have complete gas service. We offer you the peace of mind of knowing we are here when you call should a problem arise. This is the kind of service you deserve. After all, propane appliances help keep you comfortable and we want you to be comfortable knowing that you can call on us to offer many more services than our competitors.