Propane is the clean, safe, reliable and efficient energy of choice used in millions of homes across the country. Propane has a wide range of uses in the home and Fortner Gas Company has the equipment and services available to meet the needs of all homeowners in our service area. We furnish tanks sized from 100 pound cylinders (23 gallon) up to 1000 gallon. Unlike many propane companies we also sell, install and service most of the propane appliances you would use in your home. Call us today for more details on the products we sell. Some of the many uses for propane in a home include:

Propane furnaces supply warm air at 120 degrees F. This is compared to an electric heat pump that delivers air at 95 degrees F even lower than the normal body temperature of 98.6 degrees F. Many furnace manufacturers offer gas furnaces with efficiency ratings as high as 95 percent providing you more value for your heating dollar.
Hot Water
Propane water heaters have a recovery rate that is almost twice as fast as an electric hot water heater. For maximum efficiency and output Tankless or Continuous Flow gas hot water heaters offer the ultimate in energy efficiency. Check with Fortner Gas Company about possible rebates and tax incentives for these innovative and energy efficient sources of hot water for your home.
Cook like a professional chef using propane and gas appliances in your kitchen. Propane provides for instant and even heat that you can easily control. As seen on many of your cooking shows gas is the preferred energy source for professional kitchens around the country. Many of these cooking appliances also work during times of power outage so you have the peace of mind to know a hot meal will be available when your electric energy source has failed.
Clothes Dryers
Gas dryers are more efficient and deliver warmer air than electric ones. Once again propane is more efficient and provides more for your energy dollar.
Supplemental Heating
The reliability of propane makes it an excellent source of energy to supplement your all-electric system. Through the use of gas logs, gas fireplaces, or other vent-free heating appliances you have the peace of mind to know that you will have a heat source during an electric failure. These appliances can also be used to off set the cost of running your electric furnace or heat pump when it just does not seem to be doing the job to keep your house warm and comfortable.
You can have an electric power source even when the grid is down. A propane powered all-house generator gives you the peace of mind that power will be restored instantly using the dependability of propane